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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Had been very very bz since the start of the recess week...

Sat (19/09/09) - sis's holy matrimony
Sun (20/09/09) - Transect at Semakau
Mon (21/09/09) - shopping @ orchard + sis's wedding dinner
Tue (22/09/09) - Work from 5-10pm... but i slept till 2plus pm!!! :P
Wed (23/09/09) - Rush GEK1053 project + 'concert' @ esplanade
Thu (24/09/09) - Work 5-10pm... MUST START MUGGING for LSM2101!!!!
Fri (25/09/09) - Only rest day of the week, REVISE SCH STUFFS and MUG LSM2101!!!!
Sat (26/09/09) - Busiest day of the wk! 10-12pm tuition 2-10pm work!
Sun (27/09/09) - 10-12pm tuition! MUG!!!

AND then that's the end of my recess week!!! Haiz~~~ When school reopens, testsm, CAs, deadlines awaiting for me!!! Haiz~~~

Upcoming CAs, deadline!!!
1. Tue (29/09/09) LSM2101 CA1
2. Mon (05/10/09) GEK1053 project deadline
3. Tue (06/10/09) LSM2102 CA1
4. Wed (21/10/09) LSM2251 Labrador field trip + report
5. Sat (24/10/09) LSM2251 Pulau Ubin field trip + report
6. Mon (26/10/09) GEK1053 term paper deadline

12:15 AM sprinklinq love Y

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some things to do during 1 week holiday

1. Pack my clothes!!!
2. Pack my room!!!
3. Bake cookies...
4. Go for boardwalk...
5. Learn keyboard...
6. Plan 2nd hand book sale duty slots...
7. Read thru Semakau stuffs...
8. Read thru modules stuff...
9. Plan my study schedule!!!
10. CONCENTRATE on studies!!!

9:37 PM sprinklinq love Y

Friday, July 24, 2009


我真的觉得我有双性格,对于非常好的朋友,我可以滔滔不绝的聊天。不过对于普通朋友,我却不知所措, 根本不知道如何加入她们。就算是每天朝夕相处的朋友,就算是已经认识蛮多年的朋友,我也还会不知所措,不知道这么开口。

最近,我到了一个朋友的部落格,看了她写的东西, 我发现我真的很不了解她。我和她相处了快三年多,早已经没有话题聊了,所以见面的时候,只说说一些这几天的处境,我看的小说、连戏剧、等等。再说,她很少会说出自己的事情, 所以我好像一直单方面的付出,来维持这段友情。我真的好累了。。。不过,我需要她的陪伴, 在学业上,因为我都跟她上同一所大学,一起选科目, 而且我觉得我有点依赖她了, 所以我不想放弃这份友谊。但是,在读了她写的文章以后, 我觉得她好像感到厌倦了。她不喜欢人家在她的耳边,说说无聊人生故事,她是一个很独立的人,不希望别人担心她, 所以从来不会把私事说出来。我看了有点难过。今天,她告诉我她和她男朋友分手了, 也没有告诉我原因, 只说他伤了她,而且已经分了一段时间了。她还问我难道我没有发觉吗? 我真的感到很惭愧, 我只会埋怨, 也不会体谅她, 根本没有发觉到!我也不知如何安慰她。

我真的很讨厌现在的自己。 自我封闭,自私自利,冷漠个性,没自信的自己。 我也想改变自己啊!不过我该如何改变? 我好怀念我中学时候的自己,活泼开朗的自己,疯疯癫癫的自己,功课好的自己。 我到底这么了? 我为什么会变成如此的冷漠? 我为什么会变成现在的我?

不过, 我也知道埋怨也没有用。 也只好这样咯。。。继续努力念书咯。。。加油喔!!!

12:28 AM sprinklinq love Y

Thursday, April 30, 2009

6 more days to freedom!

Only left with 2 more papers! Biochem on tue n chem of the ocean on wed then i'm free!

There are a lot things i wan to do aft exams! Need to go Bugis huai shen also... :D

Top 10 things to do after exams:
1. Slim down! - go learn yoga/dance/whatsoever!
2. Find job n Work!
3. Plan for the taiwan trip! (Hopefully can go, swine flu go away!)
4. Learn keyboard!
5. Watch dramas!
6. Read novels!
7. Pack my notes
8. Pack my clothes
9. Friends Gatherings!
10. Revise on the Semakau things

Hmmm... Hope these 6 days will pass quickly n i will b free!

7:48 PM sprinklinq love Y

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Exams coming n i'm still slacking!

Haiz~ NO MOTIVATION TO STUDY LAHZ! sianz lorz. 1 more wk of sch then reading wk then exams le! I really hope it's over soon~~ Sianz lahz... My last paper on 6 may then I'm gg taiwan again from 10 june to 21 june!!! YEAH!!! heheheheehehhehehehehehehehehehhehhe.... GAN BATTE! Work hard n play harder later! JIA YOU HY JIA YOU HY JIA YOU HY!

11:20 PM sprinklinq love Y

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Results out le, bidding starting soon~~

My results this sem very jialat... My CAP is onli 2.9... To do honours, I have to get at least 3.5! Haiz~~~ To achieve that, my next sem, I need to get 4.1! GAN BATTE!!!!

My Semakau photos I've already uploaded to photobucket... The links are here...
Intertidal-walk on 18 Oct 2008
Pilot Hunter-seeking trip on 12 Dec 2008

Some additional photos from Semakau

Semakau Landfill....

Me with spider cronch (Lambis lambis)

Me with Ailian n the full moon...

Full Moon when waiting for the ship...

The sentosa, SCAMP, fahrenheit concert and k-ster outing with Alicia photos I still havent upload to photobucket... Whne i upload le then will blog them... :D

1:08 PM sprinklinq love Y

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holidays now le!!!!

I finally finished my exams.... Last wed was the last day... Heehee... Then I've been watching videos all day... So shiok~~ I also packed my room... Wanna change the layout... My exam schedule was very hiong lorz... It's like this:
Sat (22/11) : General Physio
Mon (24/11): Biodiversity
Tue (25/11): Statistics + Complementary medicine and health
Wed (26/11): Basic Organic Chemisty

Phew!!! It's over now... But I think I will fail quite badly for my chem... Out of 5 qns, I onli noe how to do 1! Haiz... the rest juz anyhow do lor.... i think is because i din really study... coz no time... Haiz~~~

Dun talk about the stressful things le... Now i juz wan to enjoy myself... Heee.... O ya... i've gotten the SCAMP DVD le.... will upload the photos another day.... Things that I've done after my exams:
1. Went for free eye massage....
Gotten the voucher during a guest lecture in CAM... But i also done a facial... Paid $30 for it... After using the $20 voucher... Very painful lorz... Gotten rid of my blackheads and whiteheads... But when i looked into the mirror after i reached home, a lot of pimples popped out lorz... haiz.... Super ugly!!! I dun think i wan to go there again le...

2. Watched dramas... Heehee...

3. Went Sentosa!!!
Went Sentosa yesterday with Sandra, Alicia and Ailian... Took a lot pics... But need to wait for alicia and sandra to send me... Then i upload... Hehe... Yesterday was the 1st time i wore a bikini! ahahaha.... Coz Sand n ailian also wearing then i dare to wear... haha... N also the monrail ride was quite scary lorz... Coz got ah guas....
The incident was like this... We board on the monorail then the ah guas also boarded... In the same cabin... Then i was whispering to ailian abt them being ah guas... I covered my mouth with my hands and whispered into ailian's ear lorz... I dunno why they can still hear me lehz!!! Then super scary lorz... I think there were abt 8 of them... They really looked like females... but their voice, u noe lahz.... Their reaction was like pointing at me... then 1 of them was like saying: "Do you want me to throw my bag at you?" Then after that was an awkward moment of silence.... Super scary lorz... Then of course, i act innocent... Then ailian changed the subject n started talking about movies.... I was still in the state of shock and cant think properly at that moment... then i was talking rubbish lorz... Then they didnt say about anything le... After that, they alighted 1st, n went down... I was still quite scared lorz... Scared they will confront me... :P But luckily nth happened...
We headed to siloso beach... Then started sun tanning... The sun was very good... But after abt 1 hr, dark clouds started to appear... Then we packed up and went to bathe... But after bathing, the sun came out again... then we sat at the beach eating snacks... Then we decided to go tan again... HAHAHA... then i changed back and started tanning... N went into the waters... hee... When i came out of the waters, my right eye started to hurt... Used clean water to wash it also no use... It was bearable then... Then we continued to camwhore and buried alicia in sand... Coz she wanted... Then ard 5pm, we went to bathe again... Followed by dinner at vivo... We went to the Hong Kong restaurant a few stores next to the White Dog cafe.... Actually, sand already made reservations at White Dog Cafe, but we felt was too ex.. then we headed to the other restaurant... I ate the cheese baked rice with fish fillet... Nice... But the serving was quite big... After that we headed home... The ride home was unbearable lorz... My right eye keep tearing... then the whole ride, i was covering my eyes with my hands... looks like i'm crying lorz... super embarrassing... but i dunno if ppl saw it or not... I removed my contacts immediately after i reached home... Still very sore lorz then... But this morning when i woke up, it was almost ok le... Now it's completely ok le... Hee

4. Bought whole set of cosmetics...
Went body shop@paragon last sat to buy... Coz Alicia working there... Then for staffs got 50% discount... Hee... Can save $$ mahz... I paid only $92++ for foundation, blusher, matte (to make make-up last longer), eyeliner, lip gloss, concealer and make-up remover... N gotten a free gift set... Hee...

5. Went Clarins @ Metro in Woodlands...
Went there to collect 10day free sample today... Hee... Then went lib to borrow some novels to read.... I so guai, rite? Hehehe...

I think that's about it... I gtg to pack my stuffs le... Bye~~~

4:03 PM sprinklinq love Y

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