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Friday, September 28, 2007


From last fri to wed, i've been slacking... Finished watching Magician of love, Spider lilies(not nice, weird show), Trick 2 movie, Da vinci code, Shrek 3 n Ratatouille... Hahaha... And also went shopping for my sis n friend bdae presents with sj n zx.... BUT...

For yesterday n today, i'm had the greatest shock of my life... I had gotten back my Chem n GP results yesterday, and Maths paper 1 n Bio paper 1 today... Guess what? I failed 2 subjects for now... My Chem got a C n bio paper 1 got 33/40... These two i'm quite satisfied... BUT I FAILED MY GENERAL PAPER N MATHS!?!?!?!?!?

GP LEHZ!!!! FAILED QUITE BADLY... Gotten a total of 42.5 out of 100!!!! My paper 1 got 21 n paper 2 got 21.5... My tutor say for my paper 1, my OAs r very weak, coz that qn really difficult to write, i juz write bcoz there's a need to... Very worried now... My Prelims already like this le, then A levels how? Haiz~~~ Quite desperate now le... REALLY NEED TO BUCK UP le...

Maths lehz... 47 out of 100... Guess is becoz i didnt really revise enough n over-confident. So need to practise more, and resist temptations!!!

By the way, my sch got a prom nite at amara resort in sentosa on 28th nov... $60/ person... But i'm not going... dun think i would enjoy myself there, will feel quite awkward... Dunno y... I guess maybe is becoz i'm still not very close wif my classmates...

Needa go study le. Ja ne...

10:49 PM sprinklinq love Y

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Prelims really soon...

I finally figured out how to add music to my blog... This song is 换换爱 by 王传一... Very nice song... I also just found out that 王传一 was originally from the boy band: Comic Boyz... Haha... This song is from that show 换换爱 a.k.a why why love... It's a very touching show that i cried more than once... Sweet, sweet love story... Haha

Btw, i wont be blogging for the next few months... Coz it's prelims soon!!! Needa study le... Prelims starts straight after the sep holidays, which is the wk aft next!!! AND I HAVE NOT START MY MATHS N GEOG REVISION!!! HOW?!?!?! I have been reading storybook n watching tv the whole of today.... Haiz~~~ A levels will start on 31oct and end on the 22nov... By then i will be free... HAHAHAHA....

I wan a tread mill.... So that n watch tv n run at the same time... So need to save up now... But my sis say i will not be running when there is an exciting part of the show... So it's useless... Besides my hse also got no space to put... Haiz~~~

My mum n dad wan to go n watch movie for the 1st time since their marriage on mon nite... Guess wat's the movie they will be watching? *Drumroll* Answer is 881... hahaha... N my bro will be off the M'sia with the sch on mon... it's a 3D2N trip... N i will be stuck at home mugging for my prelims... Haiz~~~

Needa go study le... Ja ne...

11:29 PM sprinklinq love Y

Yesterday's Teachers' Day Celebrations....

Yesterday attendance was very bad... Onli 6 ppl from my class came... Sand, alicia, wani,ailian,me and paul... Then the chacha dance, me, ailian n wani pon... then join in the chicken dance. BUT i FELL DOWN during the dance... Coz we were supposed to form a circle and run very fast, n the track was very slippery, so i fell... Haiz~~~ So unglam.... Now i got a large blue black at the side of my hip... The concert was quite interesting... especially the skit by the student leaders... So funny... HAHA... Then i went home n change b4 going back hyss... Met zhixue n guanming on the way... But from far i thought guanming was weiliang... HAHA... AND that's not onli me... Zhixin also thought so...

In HYSS, there was so many ppl... N found out that there were a lot of juniors from jjc were from hyss... But like nvr seen them b4... Took photos...
A group photo in canteen during the concert...
Ladies in pink... Haha so coincidental.... Affinity... HAHA...

Me, SJ n ZX... (Without ru) Haiz~~~ Very few photos taken of 4 of us... :(

Me n Clarice (Been in same class for 5 consecutive yrs!!!!)
Ling min n me...
A small group photo with Clarice, me, sj, zx and wenpey...

After visiting the teachers in hyss, sj,zx n me went je to meet ru to watch evan almighty... It's a very nice show to catch... ARK = Act of Random Kindness... Haha... I dun quite understand some parts coz i'm not a christian, but thx to zx, she explained some parts to me so that i can understand better... But i still wan to watch the rat show... Haha... At jeec, saw a lot of familar faces; teachers and friends from jjc... :D

Wanna see my class photo? Haha...

Fun shot....

Formal pic...
And some random pics...

Ailian, Me n Wani

Me, Sandra n Ailian

10:44 PM sprinklinq love Y

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